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Welcome to my personal website. I hope it can add more friends.

I am an inventor & a serial entrepreneur. I have been developing software for over a decade now in several programming languages and for several purposes. I have co-founded several companies in the KSA, UAE, and USA including OnMyBlock LLC, Unified Systems Co., SignSpan LLC, MiniCloud Inc. and a few more. I have also been awarded several patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for some of my work. I'm currently running a couple of small businesses and leading the Marketing and Technology devisions at Saleh Al-Bazai Co. in Saudi Arabia. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to know what I could do for your business.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology is doing to on-promise data centers what mega electric plants did to local generators. The Cloud is for everyone, whether for personal use or to process data for a super large & secretive government agency. It is secure, redundant, affordable, and highly scalable. Let me design your sophisticated Cloud infrastructure.

Data Mining

Collecting data is one thing and how to use it is another, and actually more important. By allowing me to examine your IT infrastructure, I can tell you what data you are capable of collecting and how you can use it to gain a better grasp of your business to help you make more informed decisions and lead your business to success.

Intelligent Marketing

Today's marketing is not about evangelizing for new customers, but also how to make your existing ones better customers. Track your current customers and look for patterns, your potential customers will share at least one thing in common with you existing customers for sure. Let me write an algorithm for your business to find your targeted customer and increase your ROI.

my skills

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My entire career


August 2006 -
May 2008
Institute of Public Administration
The Institute of Public Administration was founded by the instrument of Royal Decree no. 93 of 10.4.1961, as a body-corporate...
September 2009 -
May 2013
University of San Diego
Computer Science
As a nationally ranked Catholic university, the University of San Diego is dedicated to preparing ethical and compassionate leaders...

Work experience

December 2013 - Present
Saleh Al-Bazai Co.
Chief Marketing & Technology Officer
The First Authorized Toyota Dealer And Agency in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. The company provides a wide...
January 2012 - Present
MiniCloud, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
MiniCloud is dedicated to provide the best and most sophisticated solutions from the enterprise market to the consumer...


April 2013
Cloud by Isolation
United States 61/813382
Radically new strategy for server resource allocation implemented on a custom built Linux operating system based on RHEL 6...
April 2013
Shared Redundant Hosting
United States 61/812440
Web hosting infrastructure aimed to combine the complexity of large sophisticated hosting infrastructures with shared hosting environments...
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What I do

Do you have a startup or small-meduim business? Or even a small startup within a large corporation, contact me to learn more about how I can help your business grow stronger by leveraging technology and available resources.
Whether your targeted customer base is too norrow or too broad, with modern technology, there is always a way to gain a closer and more personal connection with your exisitng customers as well as potential ones.
Would you like a custom made Management Information System, or would like to outsource some of your software workload to another company? Contact me if you are looking for an Engineer to lead developers hired locally or even overseas.
Do you want to gain control over what is being said about your orgnization online? From building multiple websites to leading your social media to a success, I have what it takes to bring all of this to your business along with detail and transparent reports.


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Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. I'm always open for new opportunities and meeting new people.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

+966 555 449462
+1 206 832 9085

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